Uniquely Garden Hortica

2015 A Re-Make of the Gardener's Garden

Garden re-do imbued with spirituality.  Buddha's backdrop is carved dragon panels acquired some time ago and finally used.  Tapers are terrazzo. Slat wall is re-purposed floor boards.

Creativity cant be contained for too long.  After ten years I decided that the front garden needed a change.  A BIG change.

1. Removal of bamboo on a down slope that had overgrown and overstayed itself the past ten plus years.  

2. Total removal of the wooden deck that had warped in several places.  BUT careful salvage of the teak floor boards for re-use.

3. Back filling.  About 4 -7 cu yds of fill dirt followed by drain rock and sand

4. Laying flagstones including embedding the grout with recycled glass and terrazzo sample chips to add color.

5.  Building a slat wall using the salvaged teak floor boards.

6.  Cladding the stair wall with stone, layered for a floating effect.

7.  Hauling a 350 lb wood slab and building a unique garden bench.

8. Planting and furnishing the garden re-using all the original pieces and re-arranging others.


Succulents dressed up left.  Right part of the layered stone wall.

Below a re-purposed bench with movable perforated stools that can be re-laid out. Notice the chunks of petrified wood left of the bench. 


Water feature is a huge jar with gold fish.  They are fed oats daily...the little clear jar with a white lid. 

Below from the stone floor looking up the slope with tribal totem poles.  Foreground foliage is Japanese maple.  In between the totem poles are grevilleas awaiting full growth so the bamboo in the black liner can be removed.  Large jar to left just stands there. 


Above left, grout detail on the stone floor...embedded recycled glass and terrazzo chips.  Right, nicknamed The Beast, this slab of tropical hardwood took three hours to drag up 45 steps from the backyard then converted into a most unique bench.

Finally a much more usable and inviting outdoor sanctuary.