Uniquely Garden Hortica

GH Container Designs

At GH Container Designs we carefully select containers and match them with the right plants.  For us any container or vessel can hold a plant...its left to our imagination and creativity.

Of late we have salvaged materials to act as planters.  Transforming what is otherwise useless stuff or stuff that goes to a landfill into container gardens.

All our container designs are for sale.  Come visit us to see for yourself how you can get instant gratification foryourself or a gift for friends and family.  We appreciate your patronage.

Here are some pictures to inspire you.

Above left phormium, cacti, aeoneum in yi-xing planters.  Right clematis in clay vessel, ox-blood red glaze.

Below left cacti in old wooden feeding trough.  Left, whimsical mushrooms. 


Below right, begonias and sedum.  Left, tilandsia floating in a glass bubble.