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Above sedum and succulents in a rectangular container

From our Oakland 7th St. location:

Plant availability is dynamic.  We travel to nurseries as far south as outside San Diego and hand select plants.  The plants are trucked back by ourselves and not by common carrier. 

We also like instant gratification.  So we select larger plants in 5 gal containers.  Some have been growing for 5 years or more.  But we also carry 2", 4", 6", 1 gal, 5 gal size plants.

Our selection is also determined by what is available at the nurseries.

In our growing area we transferred over 1,000 tomato starter plants into 5-gal containers.  These are now bearing fruit and ready to find a nice home!  Instant gratification for you but two months of nurturing for us!

A picture says more than words.  Please preview these pics to see ornamental plant availability.  We will soon put up a list of what we carry.

Left some of the plants for retail.  Right tomatoes growing on GH at 7th St. Oakland


Above and below pincushion flowers at their best


When you visit GH on 7th please tell us what you think.  If you like what you see tell us.  If you dont find what you want ask us.  And if you want what you see consult with us any time.

Our fees are competitive and our garden style gives you big bang for your buck!  Your support and patronage will help sustain Garden Hortica.

Note:  For a more comprehensive preview on our garden design and approach please go to:


Every site is different.  So are your needs.  We know you have choices but we hope you will choose us to fulfill your garden dreams.