Uniquely Garden Hortica

What We Do

In a nut shell we are an urban agri and garden design solutions provider

1.  Consult, Plan, Design and Build SUSTAINABLE Food and Ornamental Gardens for homeowners, non-profits, neighborhood groups, schools, churches and businesses.

Case Scenario
The Smith neighborhood has a 5,000 sf empty lot.  The residents are longing for a garden space not just for an urban garden but also a space for them to gather and congregate for neighborhood events or a place for their kids to hang out, work the garden and learn.  They have seen many urban gardens but something is missing from them...the urban garden is not sufficient enough to bring the neighbors to congregate.  The problem is how to put it all together.
Solution:  Garden Hortica can do a turnkey project.


2.  Custom Design, Build and Install your own GH GREEN Box for homeowner use, non-profit organizations, schools and businesses  .  Go to GH Green Box for more.

Case Scenario
The Smith family have a big enough backyard.  They would love to have a garden room that is not only affordable but has features that allow for green walls and a green roof.
Solution:  Garden Hortica's Green Box can be custom designed to meet your needs.


3.  Set YOU up to be a Garden Hortica retailer.

Case Scenario
Jane Smith has always loved all things related to gardens. Her dream is to be able to open her own garden store.  How can she realize her dream?
Solution:  Garden Hortica can set YOU up to be a licensed Garden Hortica retailer.


4.  Consult, Plan, Design and Build
indoor plantscapes for your home, office, school, medical facility or business.

Case Scenario
The Smith medical facility has a budget to re-do the foyer and atrium. But they are sure that the conventional container plant sitting in a corner is NOT what they want.
Solution:  Garden Hortica can develop an interior plantscape that is anything but conventional.


5.  Make our own line of Garden Hortica Container Designs and other garden related products for re-sale.


6.  Wholesale and retail plants, GH container gardens, garden art and more...


What are the nuts and bolts of Garden Hortica?  What are some of our strengths and concentrations? 

  • Garden Design

We design gardens and plantscapes for both indoor and outdoors.  We also install and maintain gardens and plantscapes.

Our specialization is in low water drought tolerant plants, grasses and trees.

Hence we are inclined to use South African and Australian natives from the Protea family for dramatic color and textured foliage.

We also like to use grasses, succulents and cacti. 

Our Garden Hortica container for both indoor and outdoor use succulents to create plant displays that look like floral arrangements.

We have participated in two San Francisco Flower and Garden Shows that showcased our design work.

For more about our design approach and services please go to:




  • Plants

We carry a variety of South African and Australian natives in the Protea, Leucadendron, Banksia and Grevillea families.

We also carry a good selection of succulents and cacti.  Many are aged for their size and carefully pruned for form.

Please go to Plants you Can Buy for a list of what is available.


  • Garden Hortica Container Designs

Container gardening is not that simple.  We are careful when we select a pot and a plant that goes well with it.  From many years of experience like an Ikebana artist we just know which plant looks best in what pot.

We are also creative in our plant and pot designs.  Often we will plant in vessels or discarded industrial ware. 

Please go to GH Container Gardens to see some pictures of our artistic creations.

  • Garden Edibles
At GH on 7th we combine a food garden with an ornamental garden.  This is also a prototype garden design with our GH Green Box. The food crops we grow are mostly season vegetables and fruits.  Most are either grown by seed or selected starters from nurseries.

While we are not certified organic, we use best organic and natural growing practices and set our own standards of governance.

  • Garden Accoutrements

A garden is sometimes incomplete without garden art.  Also outdoor garden patios and rooms should be tastefully appointed with the right furnishings and accessories.

We favor garden art that is handcrafted, unusual or organic and usually one of its kind.

Please go to Garden Accoutrements for some unique garden art.

  • GH Green Box and GH Green Cube

GH Green Box, GH Green Cube and GH Green Longhouse are our proprietary designed garden rooms for your backyard.

The GH Green Box has up to 160 sf of usable space suitable for an office in the garden, a child's playroom or even as a temporary guestroom.

The GH Green Cube has up to 80 sf of usable space.  This is an ideal garden house sans tree for a child.  Or a meditation sanctuary in the garden.

The GH Green Longhouse is 40-ft long and has up to 320 sf of usable space.

The GH Green Box, Cube and Longhouse comes standard and with added options.

Below...two examples of our work.  The first is titled Stone Garden our design entry at the 2006 San Francisco Flower and Garden Show.  The second, is the illustration of The Jeweled Garden, our design for the 2008 show.  Here we used 20,000 lbs of recycled glass.