Uniquely Garden Hortica

Wazzup Garden Hortica?

Recently I have been building garden benches and tables using waste wood gathered from a construction site.  Below is a slat bench made mostly from 2x4s and other remnant waste wood.  The slats presented a natural form for stripe colors using left over paint.  Finish with polyurethane.

The two globes are made from wine barrel straps.

The star shaped leafy plant behind the bench is Chinese rice paper tree or Tetrapanax Papyrifer.

Below are two tables made from window cutouts.  Two pieces were glued for a thicker table top.  The bar height table has tripod legs.  The coffee table has normal 4 legs.  The table legs were color stained black to show a bit of wood grain.  Table tops transparent dark brown stain.  Colored lines follow the wood grain of the plywood. Polyurethane coated.

Above:  Color is LIFE. LIFE is Color. Color is Alive.  I've never feared using bold saturated colors in my work.  If you have visited Jardine Marjorelle in Marrakesh you will understand.  Or the work of Gaudi. To me it's only paint...dont like it paint over.

Here you see three globes made from wine barrel straps.  Then inside each is a wire globe hot wired with big clear light bulbs. The effect at night is dramatic...proper lights cast shadows that give dimension and of course amber vs LED provides a gentle glow.  But the ultimate night lighting is candles and torches...dancing flames evoke a different sense.

Below:  You cant really see it but this stone deck courtyard is actually built on a down slope.  I prefer stone over wood for deck surfaces.  After building the foundation posts and joists, two layers of fiber cement board was installed. Then standard mortar to set stone in place.  My preference for stone choice is quartz. It has enough silica to glisten. Sandstone tends to get dull and powdery. Note the recycled glass mosaic-ed into the grout line.  Free form stone is another preference over cut pieces. 

The flower box frame is built with pressure treated lumber. Then clad with fiber cement, smooth surface, exterior brown color stain then poyurethaned.  The result? Faux Core Ten steel at a fraction of the price.

Above:  Limestone eroded is very sculptural.  Naturally formed it speaks for itself. No two are alike.  Here a very perforated piece looks like a fossil. Nature has all kinds of natural scultpures...a keen eye can spot one to enhance your garden...one of a kind garden art, by favorite artist Nature.

Below: In my first foray into garden design we called ourselves DJ CurbAppeal. Well to me curb appeal has to be a wow factor. The concept of installing gates is to move you from one realm (outer space) into your own inner realm, home or sanctuary.  This one may not be for every one....using tribal art...a bit scary but the art and wow factor. Uniquely Garden Hortica! Creatively Garden Hortica!

These are just a few completed garden projects.  If you like what you see tell me. If you want something like that, let's talk